I am a jack of most trades, and being born ambidextrous actually shows up quite often in how I work. With a right-left brain balance, I love learning new skills and ways of working, and am (almost) as at home in spreadsheets as I am in writing and design.

My core skills lie in developing strategy and content to help mission driven organizations communicate with their stakeholders, learn from their work, and engage the community in their services or products. I am both a leader and a doer; a visual designer and writer; I geek out on data and structured systems-thinking; and I think that creative play is integral to innovation.

Thanks for reading about some of my skills below. I welcome your greetings, questions, and diverse opinions; please contact me here or using the form below.

Organizational Strategy

The social sector today operates on a different paradigm of strategy setting than it did twenty years ago. For many organizations, the idea of the 5-year strategic plan is simply not possible any more. With constant fluctuations in funding and community need, leaders and staff sometimes have to change course virtually overnight: this is the era of real-time strategic planning.

But there are challenges. Real-time planning often relies on the sharp intuition and quick decision-making of leadership, making it hard to sustain inclusive, community-based input. To imagine new ways of working, I develop visual, interactive workshops and documentation processes that break the mold of traditional planning, focusing more on capturing information inclusively, collectively, and quickly, while leaving space for constant change.

Communications Strategy

With well over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications, I’ve worked on messaging, positioning, and marketing strategy for a variety of nonprofits. But my real strength lies in the generation and articulation of ideas and insight: I believe that words, images, and sensory experiences in the social sector should relentlessly add intellectual value to the community, whether in an eblast or a research publication. In addition to crafting meaningful journalistic and research content, I can help plan how ideas or messaging flow throughout an organization’s practices and map how programs, activities, and timelines connect to social impact.

Complex Planning

Complex projects run on getting the tiny details– not just planning the major milestones. Having run a department and managed highly complex web and data projects, events, and more, I know how to turn an idea or a strategy into an executable plan that operates within the realities of capacity, budget, goals, and timelines.

Design, Writing, Product Development, Web Development

My cross-section of skills in writing, design, and data analytics, and technology positions me to do most things “Communications.” In addition, I have core web development skills and knowledge of web development processes (including creating all my own websites) that make me an unusually strong project manager for complex technology projects. Being able to communicate well with developers and know what questions to ask when can make all the difference in a web project going awry.

  • Writing & Content Creation (grants, research content, publications, presentations, advertising copy, and more)
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design: Print & Web (experience in WordPress & Squarespace)
  • Press Relations & Management
  • Analogue Game/Interaction Design

Data and Impact Analysis

I spent years running Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Annual Nonprofit Survey– one of the largest of its kind in the sector. From fundraising, to strategy, to question design, to technology deployment, to outreach, to analysis and publications, I’ve led and executed on all aspects of running data projects. While the surveys I have actively led have not been weighted or sampled for representativeness, I understand survey best practices and important methodological considerations when analyzing results.

  • Survey Design and Deployment: Experience in survey design/content development, dissemination, and data analysis/visualization, with the ability to write in-depth analytical content drawing on complex ideas and information.
  • Understanding of nonprofit finance and systemic/operational barriers
  • Knowledge of nonprofit impact frameworks and outcomes evaluation

Facilitation & Workshop Design

My background in analogue game design, interactive art, survey research, and nonprofit problem-solving converge in workshop design. I create visually interactive workshops where how you learn, teach, and build relationships is as important as what the topics are. In addition to facilitating a recent workshop with the Asian American Arts Alliance, to gather community feedback to inform New York City’s Cultural Planning process, I’m working with the brilliant Purvi Shah on an interactive workshop exploring how to leverage the tools of storytelling to foster healing, for New York-based service providers who work with people who have experienced trauma.


Nonprofit missions are the sum of the hearts and minds of their people. To be a good manager is to be an intellectually curious and compassionate human first. I believe that effective managers are mentors who treat the professional development of their staff as a central pillar to their activities, creating a learning culture where high standards of contribution simply happen on their own, without needing to be spoken out loud.



Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher); Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver); Web Development (HTML); Squarespace; Invision; Keynote; iMovie; Pagemaker; CorelDraw; Photopaint; Quark Xpress; GIMP; Adobe PDF Pro; Email Marketing (Mailchimp; Constant Contact); social media tools/platforms (e.g., Prezi, Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Sprinklr)


Hubspot; WordPress (design and execution); Drupal CMS (implementation); Google Analytics; Salesforce; Web development (CSS).


Tableau Public; Web development (Javascript); Final Cut Pro; Flash.

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