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The Future of Arts & Culture in NYC

In February 2017, I worked with Andrea Louie, Anjali Goyal, and Ariel Estrada of the Asian American Arts Alliance to facilitate a community convening and develop an online survey to gather feedback for the city’s Cultural Plan. (Visit for more information.) During this process, I create a visually engaging, interactive workshop and online survey, asking […]

The Growing Case for Gender Diversity in the Workplace

By Anjali Deshmukh Originally appeared on JUST Capital’s JUST Matters Blog and LinkedIn March 29, 2016 Do women actually make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns? In a recent freakonomics podcast, Harvard University professor Claudia Goldin breaks down the data behind this widely cited stat. Goldin argues that, if you extract factors that […]

Americans Want a Living Wage

Americans Want a Living Wage By Anjali Deshmukh Originally appeared on JUST Capital‘s JUST Matters Blog and LinkedIn April 14, 2016 Two states just made a groundbreaking move to lift wages for their lowest-paid workers: within hours of one another California and New York became the first 2 states to pass legislation raising the state […]

Reasons For & Against a $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Reasons for & Against a $15/hour Minimum Wage By Anjali Deshmukh Originally appeared on JUST Capital’s JUST Matters Blog and LinkedIn April 21, 2016 The movement to increase the minimum wage, led by labor unions and fast food worker advocacy groups such as the Fight for 15, had a major victory in early April when […]

Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2013 Survey

By Anjali Deshmukh Abbreviated version; originally appeared on Social Currency Blog (Nonprofit Finance Fund) March 25, 2013 Since the end of the 2008 financial crisis, the US has seen faltering signs of economic recovery. But underneath these glimmers of improvement are the 46.2 million poverty-stricken Americans that have seen little change. With poverty at record […]

Changing the Dialogue: Nonprofit Myths & Realities

Guest Post By Anjali Deshmukh and Sonia Montoya (Nonprofit Finance Fund) Nonprofit Connect Blog March 2, 2015 Nonprofit organizations (501 (c) 3s) experience a unique set of financial problems that stem from how they operate in a supply-demand economy and the way our culture views philanthropy. Often, nonprofits enter the market when for-profit and governmental […]

Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Philanthropy

Measuring social impact and nonprofit effectiveness has been the white elephant for our sector since its inception. Unlike for-profits, where the bottom line often defines success or failure in black and white, nonprofits live in a world of grey, evaluated on their success in achieving their mission and on how they raise and spend their […]

Is Generosity a Smart Business Strategy?

While the gap between outsized CEO pay and that of average workers has been the topic of many headlines lately, some CEOs are going against the grain and lowering their compensation — expressly to increase that of their team. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner recently made headlines when he announced that he would give $14 million of his […]

State of Arts & Culture Sector

In 2014, I worked with Nonprofit Finance Fund staff to write and design an analysis of findings from the organization’s Arts & Culture Sector Survey. This report focused on systemic barriers within the arts funding system—as well as the actions and strategies that arts organizations are taking to cope with those barriers, while adapting to a world […]